November 26, 2007

Wrap star.

You may remember some time back when I told you about Erin Ruth and her amazing new line of wrapping papers. Well, Erin has been busy, busy, busy. She recently launched her new site and her new 2008 calendar!

The new calendar has that same clean, classic design with that distinctly modern aesthetic. Having taken elements of her wrapping paper designs and switching things up a bit, Erin gives you yet another way to enjoy her wonderful design offerings. The calendars retail for $18.00 and come with a double-faced black satin ribbon for hanging. Elegant, beautiful.

Additionally, Erin now has a "shop" directly on her site where you can purchase not only the wrap, and the calendar, but now also the ribbon to tie it all up. You can buy 11 different shades of Midori double-faced ribbon by the yard and put together the whole kit and kaboodle. Erin helps you out too, giving suggestions of which ribbon for which paper and other ways to utilize the goods. With shopping made this easy what's not to love?

And remember my last suggestion? You know you're gonna need something to wrap gifts this holiday season right? Well, you could just stock up and give the wrap as the gift and leave yourself a little more time for merriment. See what I'm sayin'?

Pick up a calendar and some coordinating wrap for your nice list and you'll be the one looking like a Christmas star this season. Not that you don't look like a star already, mind'll just shine that much brighter.


  1.'s gorgeous paper...really!

    Thanks for your comment and thanks for checking in! Love your blog you can see :)


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