November 14, 2007

The Knitty Gritty

Maybe it's just that the weather has really begun to turn lately (quite frosty today) or maybe it's my Irish/English genetics at play but I'm seriously loving the trend of the knit. And you're seeing it in the unlikeliest of places. Sure we've probably all been cuddled by or scratched ourselves to death under some form of Aran sweater in our lifetime. Or swooned over the Old Spice guy looking softly macho in his holiday knit...or not. But now knit is busting out in the most interesting of ways. Elizabeth Yarborough of Yarborough Jewelry (a truly awesome, yes, awesome website) has created these amazing looking cashmere bangles. I know, it's not like I'll be getting my winter style groove on with them but I can admire can't I?

For something a little less gender-challenging I give you the extraordinary Alyssa Ettinger. Honestly, would you look at these?! All her pieces are handmade out of her Brooklyn studio and come at very reasonable price points in her etsy shop. Imagine what a phenomenal holiday table you could have...pine boughs and pheasant feathers in the vases and tea lights all aglow in bowls? Luscious!

And maybe you wanna turn up the exotic notch on your holiday dining experience and scrap the dining table and chairs for the coffee table and these phenomenal poufs. No not the cheese kind...these kind!

Out of the Netherlands, and the brainchild of Christien Meindertsma, these come from Flock. Imagine sitting around with all your friends enjoying a lil' fireside supper perched on these knitted beauties. A little mulled wine, some hor'douerves, a nosh, a wink across the table at your friend's visiting European cousin and...lo and behold!...a delightfully-accented fireside conversation on...

I know! "Get the flock out o' here!"...right? Your eyes do not deceive you gentle reader! It's a huge knit merino wool rug! This, too, is produced by Flock and you can purchase their products through Ornamo in Seattle.

Bah, bah, black you've got some wool.

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