October 25, 2007

My art skipped a beat.

I came across these pieces several days ago (via another blog which, sadly, I can't remember...very sorry) and they took my breath away. They are done by Georgia Russell, a Scottish artist who utilizes a scalpel to create these sculptural constructions that transform found ephemera, such as books, maps, newspapers, or currency notes into nothing-short-of-astonishing works. They almost take on the appearance of a human organ or an otherworldly curiosity put on display for our mystified examination. I imagine it's as if they are artifacts found on a journey to the new world and recorded in a book like Le Cabinet des Curiosites Naturelles d'Albertus Seba.

She is represented by England & Co. Gallery in London.


  1. I think I fainted! Those are GORGEOUS, absolutely stunning! Thanks for posting them!

  2. Isn't it the truth, saints and sinners?! I covet them! And, you're welcome!

  3. We were delighted to see Georgia's work on your blog and wanted to thank you for your courtesy in letting people know the source of the images and where to find Georgia's works - we appreciate it. We always have some of Georgia's work at the gallery, and she is currently working towards a major solo show with the gallery next year - we will send you details when the date has been confirmed.
    Best wishes, Jane

  4. Forgot to add our website!



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