October 11, 2007

Ilee Papergoods

Ja Teuber of Ilee Papergoods has released her 2008 calendars!!! These are truly the most amazing (not to mention affordable - $20) pieces of art one could get or give. This year Ja has introduced some silkscreen elements in addition to the traditional letterpress. What really elevates them, though, is the fact that Ja actually does hand-painted elements on a number of the calendar sheets as well as hand-glittered embellishments! Her craftsmanship is truly impressive! In addition to her phenomenal calendars she also has letterpressed stationery offerings as well as custom work. The number of calendars she prints are, naturally, limited in quantity and typically sell out so don't dilly dally!

I know that Ja has received local (Seattle) press before but am unaware whether the rest of the country has taken notice...? I sent an email to Grace at design*sponge alerting her to these little treasures so hopefully some wider recognition may come for Ja...lord knows she's earned it!

Should you wisely purchase one of these tempting beauties, you'll understand all the exclamation points.


  1. I bought one for nearly every family member inflicted with a paper fetish at last year's Urban Craft Uprising http://www.urbancraftuprising.com/ and, naturally, they were all thrilled.

  2. Not at all surprising, Alison, that all were thrilled. Thanks for the reminder about Urban Craft Uprising! And thanks for reading and commenting :)


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