October 08, 2007

Oh My Cavalier!

I was thinking to myself this morning about how much I say that September is my favorite month. But, in actuality, I believe it is certifiably October. The cool mornings, the leaves drifting in the wind bursts, the smoky yellow light, the moodiness. I think that perhaps I simply prefer the "sound" of September.

At any rate, given that at the moment the most I have to elucidate on is the veritable worm massacre happening on the lawn by an inordinate number of robins, I thought I'd feature an artist whose work I believe evokes the mood of the season (and perhaps the morning) at hand.

Her name is Julianna Swaney of "Oh My Cavalier!"(For more information you can visit her website or go to her etsy shop.). She graduated with her BFA in printmaking from Maine College of Art. As a printmaker myself I have to support her in that, as well as to recognize my strange and utter fascination with the state of Maine (which I've never been to...?). Julianna's work has obvious roots in the past and I love the antiquated look of her pieces. But what I really respond to is the quiet eccentricity of her work. I can just imagine her sitting in a widow's watch whiling away the hours drawing and embroidering to alleviate the anxiety of waiting for a ship's safe return. It would seem that past those delicate lines and demure subjects something unpredictable may be at work. Whatever that may be...I love the slight darkness, the depth and tension. A perfect mood for October.


  1. If you love her work like I do then you must stop by The Shiny Squirrel to see two of her limited edition prints....

    Thanks for your kinds words on SFgirlbybay..

  2. Thanks for the lead, Jessica! Was just giving a look through Shiny Squirrel...and it looks GREAT! Such a nice venue for artists and designers!


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