October 17, 2007

Guided by the hand of Fayt.

Very recently, my stylish friend Kristine (you know what they say, birds of a feather - wink, wink) alerted me to San Francisco-based artist Diana Fayt. Given both of our entrepreneurial aspirations she thought I'd be inspired by both the work and bio of this incredible artist and entrepreneur. She was indeed correct! (I'd tell you more about Diana myself but she does it SO well in her bio that I'd really be doing her an injustice. Really.)

So...given my propensity for paper I am always on the lookout for fun paper paraphernalia. (Don't worry...you'll get to see my own stuff soon.) At any rate, the other day Victoria over at sfgirlbybay featured the 2008 calendar by none other than Ms. Fayt! Diana is better known for her pottery pieces but its really great to see her venture into the world of paper given her very "printmakerly" sensibility. Her line work (LOVE it), balanced by her refined use of color make for a superb combination. An absolutely perfect pairing of rustic and refined. And luckily enough you can get it all for yourself (or feel free to get me something...I don't want to limit you) right here!


  1. Oh Aleesohn...Moi aussi! Eets du sweet leetel shoes! (That's my phonetic attempt at a french accent, btw.)


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