October 12, 2007

Good Josh, Smith! What the Halligan?!

I am really not one for jewelry. No, not really. Sure, I might make a comment from time to time but generally don't find much cause to make fuss. That said, there are two jewelers/artists who I believe most certainly warrant a fair amount of my attention.

The first is Halligan Norris from Georgia (but in the process of heading north to Pennsylvania - if not there by now). The jewelry is fantastic on her site, but c'mon...that name! Good god it's glorious! But I digress... She crafts some really wonderfully intricate pieces, some utilizing vintage finds - some things you might not expect to find at the end of a necklace chain or fashioned into a brooch. But for goodness sake...Halligan even notes that she finds inspiration in "anything plaid, using good manners, [and] butter cream frosting", among many other things. Okay, could'ya die? I'm dyin'.

The second artist that follows is Adam Smith (also to be found here). Adam (whom Halligan affectionately refers to on her "links" as "a young man of whom I am fond" - and vice versa on Adam's links...uh, cute) makes amazing pieces as well. My personal favorites coming from his "Pennsylvania Collection" (which are shown below). Once again, Adam largely utilizes a vintage aesthetic. But unlike the antique-circus-cum-early-1960's-birthday-party-feel (albeit very sophisticated) that Halligan expresses in her own pieces, the majority of Adam's work feels rooted in a further distant past. But certainly with a more-than-modern sensibility.

And as a final note, you may have taken notice of the incredible photography (!). That, my friends is brought to you by Josh Goleman. Another member of this amazing posse! Holy cow! You gotta check out the work on his site! God if he could make me look this pretty! (I know, like I need to be prettier? You guys are so sweet!) ;)

Gotta run! Have a great weekend!

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