October 18, 2007

A Creative Bock

When I first saw "Moulin Rouge" (sadly I liked the movie much more than the real one) I had one of those "get out of my head" moments. A moment when something resonates with you so strongly that it thrusts your imagination manifest and you know that someone is cranial squatting. Well, I stumbled upon Alicia Bock's photography and had a similar moment...but instead of a "get out", I would definitely ask her to stay.

Based in Lansing, Michigan, Alicia strives "to create photographs that evoke memories of our favorite days." And her work very much feels like memory...diffused, dreamy, idealized. Just the way I like it! There is such a sense of being transported to an otherworldly environment that I feel meditative. The fact that Alicia is self-taught makes her and her pieces even more impressive.

Additionally impressive is the fact that she maintains a blog, website, and an etsy shop. She also has a storefront on her website which allows you to choose how you'd like to receive your favorite images - from notecards and note sets to signed prints of various sizes (from $5 to $65) - so its hard to go wrong. (The "Through The Viewfinder" images (shown here on the blog) are my favorites and I suspect are some of her more popular works. But she has other styles to choose from as well.) Given all the choices she offers it's a veritable one-stop-shop...can you say holidays?

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