October 06, 2007

Beauty is in the hand of the beholder.

Class and elegance are not a common occurrence in today's world. Oh, I'm not talking about snobbery or elitism "class" & "elegance", but the certified real deal. And (behold!) that's exactly what showed up on my doorstep not moments ago. Erin Ruth of Westborough, MA (brought to Uncle Beefy's attention via decor8) delivered unto me exquisitely designed and produced "couture" wrapping that would do any gift of the heart absolute justice. She describes herself as a graphic designer "with a love of pattern, [and] a passion for all things paper" and, trust me, I felt the love.

With the holidays coming up one may find need for oh, I don't know, wrapping paper? Well with gift wrap that would elevate a lump of coal to diamond status you need not look any further than HERE or go to her website to find a retailer near you. Not up to the art or "chore" of gift wrapping? Then stock up and give the wrap as the gift! Two birds , one stone. Know what I'm sayin'?


  1. I LOVE this site! Incredible wrapping!!! I feel like shopping for all my friends now, just so I can send it in this amazing paper!

  2. wrapping of these gifts are ultimate. The closer Christmas gets, the more excited we are about choosing the right gift.


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